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May 27, 2009

Andre Rieu @ Target Center

Had the good fortune to take in a two hour concert by Andre Rieu & His Johann Straus Orchestra & Choir on Saturday, May 23. It was a splendid concert with classical and show tunes performed so eloquently by his orchestra and choir. This was my first visit to one of his concerts.

He kept referring to Minneapolis as Minapplis until the crowd shouted the correct pronunciation. At which point he exclaimed "I've been coming here for 10 years, and just found out how to say it!" It should be noted that Andre hails from Maastricht in The Netherlands, so he's been stating it with a Dutch accent!

If you ever get a chance to take in one of his concerts, don't miss it. You can see him on PBS all the time. The only thing I have in common with him is that I am four months older!

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